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The Structure of BKCC

We are fully obliged to Salford Diocese and it's head, Bishop Right Reverend John Arnold.

Bolton Kerala Catholic Community functions almost similar to a normal Parish in Kerala. The Parish is divided into different Wards on geographical basis. Leaders are selected from each ward to form BKCC committee. The Chaplain of the Malayalee community and the Headmaster of Catechism are permanent members of the committee. The committee members elect Trustee, Secretary and Treasurer from among themselves. Trustee is the head of the BKCC second to the Chaplain. Secretary is responsible for communication and clerical works related to the BKCC. The Treasurer is in charge of all financial matters of the BKCC.

The ward leaders and so the committee members are re-elected every two years during December and the new committee assumes charge from the New Year.

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