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“Leave your country, your kindred and your Father’s house for a country which I shall show you; and I shall make you a great nation, I shall bless you and make your name famous; you are to be a blessing! I shall bless those who bless you ...and all clans on earth will bless themselves by you” Yahweh said to Abraham (JB, Genesis 12: 1-3).

I cannot but quote these verses of the book of genesis, whenever I think of a Kerala Christian migrant communities in United Kingdom, especially in Bolton. Bolton Kerala Christian community is an outstanding and exemplary witness and blessing to the whole UK itself. Migration of Malayalee families to this comparatively small city began in late 1990’s. There have been attempts to group together these families since 2000. The recent and much thought out attempt to launch its own website which is concise and comprehensive is worth commendable. I genuinely appreciate and congratulate all those who worked strenuously for its initiation. I wish and pray that your life in Bolton and the use of this website, as migrant community be a witness and blessing to all.


Fr. Rogi Thomas Narithookkil CST