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Kerala is a small state in South India. Even though it is small in size and population, it has a very strong and rich Christian faith. Christianity in Kerala is as old as Christianity itself. In AD 52 St. Thomas the Apostle, came to India to proclaim the Gospel and established many churches. The light he has imparted to the Keralites on those days was handed over to the later generations and is still active in its original zeal in our hearts.

Kerala may be a small state, but Keralites are present in almost all countries in the world. They have migrated to all countries in search of better living standards and career prospects. UK is not an exception. There are many Malayalee families settled in and around Bolton. (Malayalam is the mother tongue of Keralites.) These families joined together to form ‘Bolton Syro-Malabar Catholic Community’

SMCB is based at the Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Farnworth. All activities are centered around this church. The main activities include Holy Mass, Adoration, Prayer Meetings and Catechism classes.

Structure of SMCB

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